Azure Support Services

It’s very easy to get started using Azure - just go to the portal and sign-up with a credit card. Whilst this is great for getting started, you may soon find that you need a bit more help and support.

To help you with that, Microsoft has created the concept of Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). Rather than buying Azure directly from Microsoft, you can buy it through a CSP and obtain the support and consultancy services to go along with it.

NewOrbit is a Microsoft Cloud Gold Partner as well as a CSP. This means we have been recognised for our extensive experience with Azure. If you buy Azure services from us, we will charge you the same as you pay when you buy it directly on the 'pay-as-you-go' model mentioned above.

We aren’t just an anonymous Azure re-seller. NewOrbit is a software development company who have developed software on Azure since 2011. We are always keen to share our knowledge and help other people develop and host software on Azure.

What We Add

In addition to Azure itself, the kind of options we can include are:

  • Comprehensive Azure Support - We will respond to support requests from you about Azure. We have a Partner Support Package in place to allow us to get Microsoft's help with any issues you experience we are not able to resolve directly.
  • Active System Eyes - We will:
    • Work with you to build monitoring into your application.
    • Monitor your individual hosting environment to identify if there are any issues.
    • Monitor the health of your application itself.
    • Monitor the length of queues, load on databases and so on to predict when things are about to go wrong, not just find out when it has already failed.
  • Azure Issue Notification - We have a lot of systems on Azure that we monitor so we tend to know early if something is going wrong in the broader Azure platform.
  • Azure Consulting Services - Priority access to Azure Consulting Services when you need a bit of help with designing or developing your system.
  • Dedicated Azure Architect - Time with our in-house technical experts every month for you to use as required.


How Do I Get Started?

Contact us to discuss your particular needs and scale on a quick phone call. We can see if we are the right fit for you and determine what you need. Please note, we don’t have a fixed price list for the support package because the needs and the volume vary a lot so we can discuss this too.


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