Migrating on-premise software to Azure Workshop

We would like to invite you to a free, half-day workshop about how to migrate on-premise software to Microsoft Azure. This event is aimed at CTOs and Architects, covering the key strategic and planning aspects you need to consider.

Migrating your on-premise software to Azure holds the allure of lower costs, better reliability and improved scalability. At the same time, it’s a confusing world with a lot of choices and many pitfalls that can be expensive in terms of both time and money. To succeed with migrating your on-premise software to Azure, you need to embrace new concepts and be prepared to make some changes to your code. The constraints in the cloud are fundamentally different from what you experience on-premise and if you simply dump your code into the cloud without considering this, your project may fail.

The challenge of moving to the cloud

The Event

The workshop will be jointly hosted by NewOrbit, an Azure Gold Partner with 8 years’ experience migrating software to Azure and Inflection Point, a specialist IT service provider with extensive experience in the cloud. We will share our experience of migrating software to the cloud and provide you with a set of recommendations for how to go about it.

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Each event will start at 09:00 and will finish with lunch and networking.


Lift & Shift

The first step in migrating your on-premise software to Azure is often simply to put it on some virtual machines. This is a good first step, but some pitfalls can hurt financially as well as have poor performance.

We will explain the basic approach and highlight the things to look out for before you start moving, as well as point out several alternatives to VMs.

Architectural Patterns in the CloudYou don’t need to rewrite your software to comply with the latest buzzword craze. However, to drastically reduce your hosting costs and increase reliability and scalability, there are a few simple patterns you should apply to your new or existing software.
Coffee Break
The Place for Office 365Migrating your software to Azure is often interlinked with moving the organisation to Office 365. We will give a brief overview of Office 365 and how you can integrate that with your own software.
Security and Compliance in Azure

A common concern when migrating to Azure is how this affects your security position, particularly in regulated industries and in light of GDPR.

We will highlight some of the security assurances you get out of the box, as well as introduce you to several lesser-known features in Azure that make it easy to secure your software and data.

Lunch and Networking


Frans Lytzen
CTO & Chief Architect, NewOrbit

Experienced public speaker on Azure and other technologies at conferences and meetups. Has been building systems on Azure since 2011.
Iain Godding
Lead Enterprise Architect and
IT Consultant, Inflection Point
Over 20 years' experience in providing strategic guidance and technical solutions architecture.
Sean Worthington
CEO, NewOrbit
Long track record of helping clients design, build and evolve multi-platform, cloud-based solutions for their businesses or their markets.
Pete van Blerk
Principal Developer, NewOrbit
Previously Engineer and PM at Microsoft with experience ranging from large multi-million-pound programmes to operating individually.

Dates and venues

The next events are currently being planned for Oxford and Reading. Dates and locations will be made available soon. In the meantime, please get in touch if you are interested in attending an event or would like to have a quick call or meeting with us about what you are trying to achieve.

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