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Deploy with Azure Pipelines

Automate | Test | Iterate

Automating your deployments to both test and live environments allows you to iterate faster, do less work, reduces the risk of human error and improves your security.

Azure Pipelines makes it easy to deploy your code anywhere and is particularly well integrated with Azure. NewOrbit can help you get started with your automated deployments and give you a solid foundation to build on.


We will help you configure build and deploy pipelines, which can deploy your code to test and/or production environments.

We will also help you integrate this to your source control system and set up approval gates so you can automate your deployments – or show you how to trigger deployments manually.

As you get more used to automated deployments, you will likely want to use more advanced patterns, such as deploying the same build artefacts to multiple environments with approval gates in between. This requires careful planning around how configuration is done, for example. We will discuss these advanced patterns with you so you have clarity on the next steps to take.


Azure Pipelines can run your unit tests for you. If you have a code review process, for example in GitHub, Azure Pipelines can automatically build and test all Pull Request and block them from being approved if the tests fail.

We will discuss the options with you, in the context of your current setup, and help you implement the right setup for you.

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