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Helping your Developers make the most of Azure

NewOrbit provide Azure to organisations, along with access to our extensive Azure expertise and a range of comprehensive support packages.

We have been developing systems on Azure since 2011 and we love talking about it. You’ll often find us at community events talking about Azure or writing about it on our blog.

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Buying Azure Through NewOrbit

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), enabling you to buy Azure through NewOrbit.

You pay the same price as purchasing directly from Microsoft, but benefit from access to our enhanced Microsoft support plans and our breadth and depth of Azure expertise.

You can still do all the same things on Azure – you will have access to the same cost analysis tools and your spend will count towards your own partner accreditations, marketing support and so on.

Azure Support

Keeping your systems running smoothly

We offer a range of support plans to our Azure customers, from a responsive plan where we will respond to tickets raised by you, all the way up to plans where we actively monitor your application’s performance and respond to security alerts. For some of our clients we are engaged to proactively monitor and raise potential performance or security matters with their solutions, make recommendations and, often, help to implement ongoing improvements.

We have a comprehensive Partner Support Contract with Microsoft which allows us to escalate support tickets from our customers to priority support from Microsoft as well as enabling us to engage Microsoft experts on proof-of-concepts, and similar, with our customers.

In addition to Azure Support, we also offer a wide range of Azure Services, more information about which can be found below.

We're always happy to talk through your unique scenario and see how we can help you make the most of Azure.

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Azure Services

Helping you get the most out of Azure

Azure has a huge variety of services. At our last informal count, there were...

“...at least 8 ways just to host a website...”
...each with subtly or seismicly different pros and cons. There is no “one right way” to build systems in Azure – despite what some pundits want you to believe. It is important to choose the right tools from the giant toolbox laid out before you, based on your particular business circumstances and current situation. It is easy to innocently make the wrong choices, or worse, be ill-advised, which often leads to higher costs, reduced security or a generally sub-optimal solution.

At NewOrbit we always start any relationship by understanding your business circumstances. Once we understand the context, the current setup and your future plans we will discuss the relevant choices with you and – if desired – help your team get up to speed on them.

Many of our Azure customers simply need the occasional call with one of our specialists to help them choose between various Azure technologies or make the most of the one they have chosen. For others, we help build up entire development teams, implementing best practice and seconding experienced Azure developers to work inside the client’s own team. Where desired we also stand up whole teams to deliver projects.

For organisations new to us - or new to Azure - we have put together some standard consultancy packages to help target the most common concerns. We often deliver these to organisations who are not yet our customers, in order to help them move forward and give them a chance to try us out.

Learn how to keep your system running smoothly with our Azure Support service, about which you will find more at the top of the page.

Architecture Review

To make the most of the Cloud in general, and Azure in particular, you need to change the way you think about designing applications. The right architecture will take advantage of the unique capabilities of the cloud, will save you money on your hosting costs and will often reduce the amount of code you have to write. What’s not to like about that? We will review your system and your targets with you in order to recommend the right Azure tools for your circumstances.

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Security Review

Azure has a large number of security tools and options. We will help you to assess your risk and exposure levels and decide which tools and options are right for your specific circumstances.

Have a look at our GDPR for Azure video and our introduction to securing web apps in Azure to get started.

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Cost Review

We all want more for our money. With an Azure Infrastructure Cost Review, we can help you do just that. Our infrastructure experts will review your set up, analyse your current spend and provide options to reduce it. We can also help your team to implement the changes if required.

By following our recommendations, our clients see savings of between 40-80% on their Azure bill on average.

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Resilience Review

Contrary to popular belief, Azure does not provide you with automatic fail-over in case of a data centre failure. On the other hand, Azure does provide more in-data centre resilience than is commonly known.

We will help you to assess your risk level, look at your architecture and make recommendations on how to make your system meet your resilience requirements, all whilst balancing it with costs.

Have a look at our Azure Failover and Resilience 101 post to get you started.

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Get started with Application Insights

Application Insights is an Application Performance Measurement tool which will give you deep insights into how your application is behaving on Azure. It uses Machine Learning to automatically detect anomalies, automatically maps your application dependencies and much more. It is often the first thing we recommend our customers to implement, ahead of pretty much everything else in Azure as the pay-back is phenomenal.

We will help you to configure Application Insights inside your application and introduce you on how to use it.

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Migrate to Azure

Migrating an on-premise application to Azure can be challenging. The price/performance ratio of different aspects in the cloud is different to hosting and managing it on your own tin; you can easily end up with poor performance and high costs if you are not careful. We will help you assess your application and work on a multi-step migration plan that allows you to move quickly and then help you gradually tune things to reduce costs and get more out of the cloud.

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Set up deployment with Azure Pipelines

Once you are competent with Azure Pipelines – a part of Azure DevOps – it becomes extremely simple to automate the deployment of applications to Azure. This is not only a time saver, it also significantly reduces risk, particularly as you start to take advantage of more Azure technologies.

We can help you set up your first pipelines and give you a good grounding to build on.

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